30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 13

Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

Sorry…I don’t just have one.

As with most things in life we have multiple aspects to who we are. Since anime characters tend to show you limited view of a character due to it being a story that cannot cover all aspects of a person, I have chosen a couple to represent me.

Image result for mr braun steins gate

Yuugo Tennouji: aka “Mr Braun”

 I’m a dad with a shaved head and similar facial hair. I’m a hard working guy who can seem grumpy if you don’t know me, but ultimately am a caring guy who cares for his kids deeply.

 Image result for akio furukawa

Akio Furukawa

Another dad. However, Akio has a “kid at heart” side to him that I can relate to who likes to sneak off to play and isn’t above bantering, joking, and playing tricks on his family.

Hiroshi Nohara

Related image

The dad on Crayon Shin Chan. When I’ve had a long week, I feel like the tired version of him. He’s a nice guy and good family man, but sometimes just wishes for some peace.

 If I gave it more thought I’m sure I could find more, but that’s enough for today.

 Until next time: Happy viewing!

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