Well….It’s Just Cute.

TONIKAWA: Over the Moon For You.

Long time gone and thought it was time to check in again.

I have been slowly watching anime here and there, but during the pandemic my ability to focus on a particular show has been kind of diffuse.

I decided to commit through and give Tonikawa a watch based on the recommendation from a friend of mine at work. He described it just as a cute, slice of life, romaince show. And that’s what it is. It is pretty basic and nothing groundbreaking to my eyes. Just cute and sweet. Enjoyable way to pass some time.

The basic gist of it is: the main protagonist, Nasa Yuzaki, gets hit by a bus and is saved by Tsukasa. He declares he wants to date her, which she declares she will if he marries her… and he agrees and then passes out. She disappears, time passes, and she shows up again. They get married and begin their time together.

It is sweet. The show chronicles their new relationship and love for each other. There’s not much beyond that aside from their relationships with family and friends and how their marriage impacts those relationships.

The animation style is basic, but not bad. Sound track is nice. There’s some mild innuendo, but nothing that is really objectionable. It’s just cute.

I would recommend it, as long as you aren’t expecting anything beyond a cute, sweet story. If you are looking for a cute, feel good, innocent, romance: go for it. This is for you.

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