When Little Girls Want To Rule The World.


They will…

I love this show. The concept, artwork, story, and the randomness of it all.

The show follows the main character Asuta Jimon , a middle school age boy, who had just run away from home due to issues with his father. He encounters a little girl, Kate Hoshimiya, who knows it is her fate to conquer the world. She recruits Asuta to her secret organization, Zvezda, and makes him a private in her small (but effective) force that will help her take over the world.


What makes this show entertaining to me is was how it follows the “bad guys”. Yes, I know other shows do this: One Piece for example, I just like the tact they are taking. It is like that are following the weird bad guys in a Power Rangers series, only the “bad guys” are far more interesting than the “good guys”. The good guys they fight are called White Light. White Light work to help the Japanese government and are Zvezda’s main obstacle. White Light, while the “good guys”, are shown in a critical light that blurs the line of who is “good” and who is “bad”.

The other entertaining tact they take is the use of a little girl as the leader, who while ambitious to take over the world, is also a little girl.


And she is also hilarious…


The show does go off on a few goofy tangents.

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And there is General Pepal who I would love to cosplay as. I mean the man has a bad-ass mask, is an ex-gangster,and battles while eating cake. This is a role model if I ever saw one.


The show is just a great deal of fun. I enjoyed it. You may too.

Attention Parents: There is some cursing. Revealing outfits if that bothers you. And a few ecchi sight gags (but not many) that will probably go over your kid’s head.

If I was ever given the choice, I’d follow Kate. “May The Light of Zvezda Shine Throughout the World!”

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