A Love Story About Food

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Restaurant to Another World

 While there is  a slew of “transported to another world” shows, this, seems to be less concerned with the otherworldly aspect and more on the importance of food and it’s context.

Based off a series of light novels, Restaurant to Another World, seems less concerned (to me) with any high fantasy concepts, but is rather a love story to various western inspired Japanese comfort foods.

Once a week, on the day of Satur, a door appears in various places in a fantasy world that connects to the Western Restaurant Nekoya (a restaurant in Tokyo). Here, once a week, the master (head chef and owner), of the restaurant serves all manner of different patrons , from dragons in human form, elves, lizard men, wizards, dwarves, fairies, and adventurers (while closed to his regular human patrons from Tokyo).

Each episode contains, usually two, stories of how someone wandered through this magical door and encountered a new food that changed the patron’s lives in some way. Each story is also a love story to a different kind of food. Parfaits, Curry, Croquettes, and Omuraisu…It’s all there. A common food landscape to people familiar with Japanese food culture.

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 Sure, there is a fantasy building aspect and the show does connect the various patrons of Western Restaurant Nekoya together some, but the star of the show seems to be food. Food is often best enjoyed contextually, and the author understands this. That a meal, even simple but well prepared, has an impact depending on circumstance. That some favorite foods can be connected to an emotional experience. The understanding that food has an impact and uniting aspect really underpins this show for me.

But I could be missing the point I suppose…It really could be all about dragons…

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 I liked this show. It was not perfectly animated and there are some flaws, but mostly enjoyable. The show is low key…slow paced. Small vignettes on various patrons and their dish or choice. If you are expecting something more involved you will be disappointed. It has a decent OP. If you are a foodie or want something slow to watch, you may enjoy this.

Attention Parents: The show is mostly harmless. A few scantily clad moments, but really not especially fan service-y.

Honestly, I’d really like that door to appear for me…the food sounded really good…

Until Next time: Happy viewing! Please come again!