In Defense of Yuri…On Ice

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People need to chill the hell out.

Mostly, overly excited weeaboos need to calm down.

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What I’m talking about is the fact that many seemed to be weirdly out of sorts because Yuri on Ice has won now two awards for the “Best Anime of the Year”. YOI has gotten this from Crunchyroll’s  first “Anime of the Year” awards and from the fan polls for “Animation of the Year” at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival.

Some fans are horribly put off by this. They believe Mob Psycho 100, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure,  or whatever they happen to like more deserves it more.

Maybe they are right in some respects, but are wrong in others.

I enjoyed YOI . I thought it was a well put together story. A good sports anime. It had a great soundtrack and it’s dub was good as well. It was emotionally engaging and had a sweet love story that was also part of the show. The animation was decent.

Was it the best??? Not necessarily. The animation wasn’t as clear and pristine as Sound! Euphonium.  It wasn’t as unique as Mob Psycho 100. Erased was more emotionally intense by far. But that isn’t what awards are always about.

Awards, a lot of the time, are more of a reflection of popularity and impact. Sorry kids: sometimes the popularity contests of high school seep out into the real world. Sad, but true. YOI had a large impact that brought it a huge amount of attention outside of it’s normal fan base, and (sorry…not sorry) that matters.

I am actually happy it won. For a few reasons:

1) I liked it. A lot. Nice show. Emotionally engaging. Great soundtrack. Overall enjoyable watch.

2) Yuri and Victor’s relationship was important. The very fact of the matter was that a same sex romantic relationship was portrayed in the show, not as the central purpose/ plot of the show, but rather as a matter of fact is huge. The relationship was there and presented as a normal thing. Not a struggle. Not something to be dissected and discussed at length. It normalized a same sex relationship and didn’t make it a big deal, which is a big deal to many people in the LGBTQ community and those who count themselves as an ally (myself included) to this community.

3) It brought more attention to anime. It got people excited about anime. When a show is a big deal and reaches beyond it’s fandom, it helps the industry as a whole. Some of my favorite shows are not big with the American anime community, but huge in Japan. The more attention a show gets, the more it will potentially legitimize the industry as a whole outside of Japan, which means more projects will get attention that you may end up liking (or like already).


I get why some people get in a stir, but overall this is just immature drama. I grew up liking stuff no one else liked. I loved Sci-fi and Heavy Metal. My stuff didn’t get the attention of the awards community. I got over it. So should you (if you are in a stir), it’s not worth being concerned about. Next year some other show will win: Some people will be happy, some will be pissed, the cycle will continue. Don’t sweat it, just watch more anime.

Dad lecture over.

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Until next time: Happy Viewing!



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So a few weeks back my boys were over for the weekend. I had stolen the PS3 controller from my younger son and was looking for something other than the Hunter x Hunter marathon he was planning (he has been watching it, but I haven’t).

I started the first episode of Tigermask (as a bit of a joke), had a laugh, but quickly gave it up. Then I decided to (also as a joke on him) play an episode of Heybot.

My first impressions were one of mystified amusement. My son was repeatedly laughing and asking: “What the hell is going on.”

First impressions are sometimes on the nose.

We got over halfway through the first episode, then decided his older brother needed to watch it as well. So we called him in and restarted the episode. His reaction was much the same. “It’s as if someone did a bunch of cocaine and hallucinogens and then decided to make a show” was his description.

I wasn’t going to argue this.

Heybot is, I guess, a show aimed at a younger audience. The show takes place on the fictional island of Nejigajima and follows the Prince of this island and his robot (Heybot). They collect screws to use to compete in battles to tell the best joke. The island is all about these screws. The  Prince is creepily obsessed with screws. No, really. He creeps out other characters with his obsession.

The humor is fast paced, often juvenile, random, and occasionally clever. They do like to mess about with anime tropes on a regular basis. Not in a subtle way mind you. The humor does work. Often in a very confused what-the-hell sort of way, but it does get a chuckle.

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  The animation is nothing to write home about. It’s kid’s show style of animation. It is not bad for what it is and fits the format well.

Attention Parents: Mostly the show is harmless. There is some sexual suggestiveness in parts and bad body humor.

Would I recommend this show?

Maybe? My son now likes it (or at least watches it for the weird factor). I have gotten laughs out of it. Give it a try if you want to watch an off-beat, random show.

Until next time: Happy Viewing!



It’s Convention Time!

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It’s that time of year again for me and the boys.

Anime Milwaukee is the first con of the year for us. I’ll be taking my two boys, their cousin, and my older son’s best friend. Myself and 4 teens in one room (*shudder*), pray for me.

Anime Milwaukee is the largest Anime Con in Wisconsin. Attracting 9000+ attendees. It is held at The Hyatt Regency and Wisconsin Center, February 17-19.

It usually is a pretty fun time and has a fair amount good guests.

This year the line up includes the following voice actors:









Among several others.

There are other fashion, artists, and cosplay guests as well.

Also con favorites:


Who are an absolute blast to see. If you get a chance, go to one of their panels.

It should be a fun time.

Pictures in a couple of weeks!