Snorlax is just a 40-Something Dad

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He’s overweight. Just wants to eat a meal, sleep, and be left alone. He’s your dear old, tired dad who just wants a nap.


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Muchlax, however, is just some hyper kid who smoked too weed and ate everything in sight.

Recent Anime that I’m Enjoying

Showing up for my annual check in. Lol. Too much life and too lazy to write. I could make excuses, but I have none really.

Carole and Tuesday

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The show is pretty lighthearted and one could accuse it of being corny even…but I loved it. It was sweet, kind, and hopeful, and sometimes that is just what someone needs.

The animation is wonderful and soundtrack is great. Please watch it.

Parents: Really only one questionable song…but it is hilarious.


Astra Lost In Space

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A really fun adventure, sci-fi show with many twists.

Nicely animated, well paced, good character development. An all around surprising winner. One of the best of the new season.

Parents: Nothing really objectionable yet.