Pokemon Symphony? Yes, Please!

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As a fan of anime we can never neglect the gateway drug of anime for many future otaku: Pokemon.

My boys have been Pokemon fans forever. From the cards (they collected, but never played), the video games, and the anime: Pokemon has been a huge part of their lives, and as a consequence, of mine as well.

I have seen a lot of the various shows (I like the earlier ones best) and played the games a little as well (I am not much of a gamer. I lack the patience).

Pokemon Go, however, has kept me very busy this summer (often helping me neglect doing blog posts). It has been fun and got me out and about, walking and enjoying the summer weather in Wisconsin.

One day something came up on my Facebook feed: Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions.

What this is: It is the music of the Pokemon video games that has been orchestrated. It is then performed by a live orchestra with video screens showing the piece/ period of the video game they are performing. The production works with local symphony orchestras to put on the production.

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I took my two boys, one of their friends, and their cousin to this last night.

It was great. The interpretation of the music from the game to symphony was great and loved by all of us.

If this comes by you, give it a look. It is well worth the experience.

Until next time: Happy viewing!


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