30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 20

Anime Character That Gets on Your Nerves


Both from the same show.

Both from Nisekoi’s second season.

Paula McCoy

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Haru Onodera

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I don’t know what it was. Both of them just irritated me to no end. I had read the manga for a while before the second season came out and they annoyed me in the manga as well. Maybe they were supposed to be annoying? I don’t know, but they both got on my nerves.

 Especially Haru…

Runner up:
Subaru (Re: Zero)

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Good god I wanted to strangle him sometimes!

Until next time: Happy viewing!

My Problem With Nisekoi’s Second Season


While it is still ongoing and I’d guess it will go for the 20 episode stretch, I will weigh in with my thoughts on it so far.

It follows the manga really well and that could be it’s undoing. The episodes (and the manga) I feel are inconsistent. The manga often doesn’t really go anywhere at many points and has a fair amount of filler. Sometimes these stories are amusing, sometimes weak.

There is the introduction of new characters which is good and needs to happen.


Kosaki’s little sister, Haru.


Paula McCoy a member of the Bee Hive Gang that looks up to Tsugumi.

Often episodes with these introductions are short, or weaker as a whole show, but they are also pretty close reflections of the manga.

There was the candy making episode where Haru and Raku have to get along and find common ground. It is a short episode, there’s not much to it. It does serve it’s purpose, which is to show that the two characters can get along and do share some common ground.

And I am not about to say it’s all bad. The episodes with Chitoge’s mother are some of my favorite bits from the series.


This is my little opinion. Second season: not as good, but it is largely loyal to it’s source material. It is still worth a watch, but be aware it may feel like (and be) filler at times.

We shall see how the rest of the season plays out.


Oh c’mon….It’s not that bad.