dadwatchesanime Is Nominated For A Liebster Award

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A big thanks to Hannah from RABUJOI ( for nominating dadwatchesanime for a Liebster award! It is cool to have my little blog seen by people and I appreciate the recognition (since I am very new to blogging and don’t know what I’m doing). So thank you very much and thanks to those who read my little page.

So here is my answers and info.

Hannah’s Questions:

1. What was the first anime you ever watched?

The first anime I ever watched was back in the 90’s: Ghost in the Shell.

2. Did that first anime, or did that require watching more shows?

I tried other shows from our local video store at the time, but couldn’t get into them. It wasn’t until 2 years ago I was looking for something to watch on my Kindle one day and I started watching Clannad. That did it for me and I entered into the world of anime.

3. What is your favorite food?

Hard to say. I like Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese quite a bit. I also like American BBQ.

4. Who is your favorite character designer?

Not sure how to answer that, or if my knowledge is that deep. I like a lot that is put out by Shaft Animation though.

5. If so inclined, what character would you have the least trouble cosplaying?

I could easiest do Yuugo Tennouji (aka “Mr. Braun”) from “Steins Gate” since I am bald and in my 40’s as well. However I did just cosplay as Kensei Ma from “Kenichi -The Mightiest Disciple” at Anime Milwaukee this February.

6. What is one sin an anime could commit that would make you turn your back on it?

Not sure. Sexual abuse of children is pretty hard to stomach, or any abuse for that matter. Depending how the material is presented makes a difference. I tend to like to watch a show for amusement and/ or a good story. If it creeps me out or makes me feel too discomforted I will probably drop it.

7. Who are your top 5 (or 10) characters, regardless of gender?

Okabe Rintarou

Mayumi Nishikino

Alex Louis Armstrong

Olivier Mira Armstrong


The Narrator: Sgt Frog- Funimation dub (that counts doesn’t it?)

Kensei Ma

Hitagi Senjougahara

Shinobu Oshino

Koyomi Araragi

Tomoko Kuroki

8. Assuming they’d do a good job (not at all a certainty), which anime would you most like to see made into a Hollywood film?

Hmmm…Maybe Watamote?

9. Which anime character do you identify most with, if any?

Tomoko from Watamote. I remember what it was like to feel socially awkward when I was younger.

10. What is your favorite beverage—alcoholic or otherwise?

I don’t really drink much alcohol. I do need my coffee. Locally roasted preferred. I am somewhat of a coffee snob.

11. Which anime do you wish got a sequel, that never did (or hasn’t yet)?

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

11 Random Facts About Me

1. I have a Masters Degree but don’t currently use it.

2. I practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu for 8 years, but am currently taking a break.

3. I am one of the few people I know that doesn’t watch and enjoy The Walking Dead.

4. I don’t particularly care for beer.

5. I love to read, but don’t lately because the hours I work make me too tired to stay awake while reading.

6. I am an avid cook. I always like to try to find new things to make to get an idea about how a different country’s cuisine  works.

7. I have competed in a BBQ contest and lost.

8. I used to see Disney’s Fantasia every year in the theater when I was a kid.

9. I have a love for a bunch of British television shows.

10. My first rock concert was Billy Idol on the Rebel Yell tour.

11. I don’t like jam bands.

My 5 Nominees

I am relatively new to this so I don’t know a ton of people. If you have already been nominated or have over  1000 followers, my apologies. (Anime Vios)

Liebster Award Rules:

If you have been nominated for The Liebster Award and you choose to accept it, write a blog post about the Liebster Award in which you:

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My questions for the nominees:

1. What are your top 3 animes?

2. Which anime(s) has made you cry the most?

3. Which anime that you wHaere looking forward to disappointed you the most?

4. What character have you despised most? Why?

5. Your top 10 favorite characters?

6. Your favorite OP or ED?

7. What do you watch aside from anime?

8. What upcoming shows are you looking forward to?

9. How did you get into anime?

10. Have you attended any anime conventions?

11. How do your family or peers feel about your anime viewing?

Thank you again to Hannah at RABUJOI for the nomination!


I saw that miharussi at Anime Vios ( ) also had nominated me for this award. So I will answer her questions as well. 🙂

1. Has there been a seiyuu/voice actor that you really dislike? Why (not)?

Not in particular. Where I have problem with voice actors is if I have started  watching a show in Japanese and then switch to the english dub part way through. That always throws me. I do, however, think the voice actors for the english dub of Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple are better.

2. What are some of your least favorite genres? Or at least, genres that you tend to avoid?

I don’t actively avoid a genre per say. I don’t tend to watch much ecchi focused stuff or horror. I also haven’t watched much Mecha (recommendations?).

3. Do you read manga? Has there been an instance when a scene/chapter has moved you that you couldn’t help but cry?

I have only read very little manga (some Nisekoi and Kawai Complex), so nothing that would’ve made me cry…Though there was a very sweet part in Nisekoi with Chitoge’s mother.

4. What do you think is a romantic deed (e.g. confession, kiss, hug, etc) in any romance anime? Why?

Not sure how to answer this. I guess it depends on the context of an act to make it romantic in my opinion.

5. Do you have keep a MAL account? Follow up questions: [5.a.] If you do, show off your MALgraph awards (anime and/or manga, whichever is fine with you) by posting a screencap. Which award do you wish to level up next and why [5.b.] If you don’t have a MAL, do you have a profile on any other anime listing service? Why prefer that over MAL? (Or why not keep any at all?)

I do not have a MAL account. Maybe someday.

6. Do you keep or wish to keep a pet/s? Describe your bonding moments.

We have an American Eskimo dog named Gonzo (for the muppet). He is a sweet, hyperactive dog. He loves it when I pick him up and let him lay on my lap to get his belly, neck, and ears scratched.

7. In which of the 16 personalities (Myers-Briggs typology) do you classify? (Click here if you haven’t taken a test.) Do you agree with the result?

The Entertainer….I don’t know about that. In some situations perhaps.

8. Whatcha say?

“She’s built like a steakhouse, but handles like a bistro.” – Zapp Brannigan

9. How did you come up with your username? Do you use other usernames in other sites?

It is a combination of where I live and my job.

10. What do you do to unwind?

Watch anime, exercise, I used to do martial arts, cook, laugh, spend time doing something fun with my boys.

11. Do you hate these questions? Was this reward too troublesome for you?

Not at all.

About Hope



Why should you watch this show? Hmmmm…. That depends on you.

Do you like singing, idol groups?

AKB0048_Ep13_Nagisa no Cherry1

Do you like training sequences?


Do you like fight scenes?


Then this anime has it all for you.

As stated in an earlier post: this is one of my 11 year old son’s favorite shows. This surprised me frankly. I had started watching it out of curiosity and honestly still haven’t finished the second season.

It’s premise is pretty absurd and was mostly a vehicle to promote popular Japanese Idol group AKB48 I’m sure (since the voice actors were members of AKB48 and some of the other iterations of  it).

The premise is this: It is the future. Many planets have banned entertainment. Guerrilla music group, AKB0048, risk life and limb to bring their performances to their fans across the galaxy where entertainment is banned with the help of flying singing platforms, mecha suits, lasers, and light saber like microphones. Perhaps I exaggerate a  little, but not much.

The story follows several new hopefuls who want to join this idol group to spread music, love, and hope through the universe.

It follows them as they train.


As they (or their seniors) perform.


And as they fight.


And it is that is what makes it appealing. It is cute. It is simple mindless entertainment. Music, dancing, fighting, and general silliness. It is also, while corny as hell, talking about following, and fighting for, your dreams. And who can argue with that?

If you are looking for a high minded, revolutionary, cutting edge anime: this isn’t it. But that’s okay. If you go in with low expectations to watch a mindless, cute, entertaining show: then I think you’ll like it.

Attention Parents: There really isn’t much objectionable in this show. There is some mild fan service where the girls are getting pictures taken of them in bathing suits, but that is most of it. It also has that obsession with body image that you start to hear in anime the more you watch it.

Mostly I like the show because it was: “About Hope”.

Kibou Ni Tsuite : About Hope

Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation
sono te nobashite mo
ima wa (ima wa) todokanai yo
bokutachi no yume wa
motto (motto) tooku ni aru nda

I reach out this hand of mine,
But I can’t reach it right now.
Our dream is still
Far away.

yozora no hoshi datte
nan’okukounen no kanata
kurayami no saki ni
kagayaku mono

The stars in the night sky,
How many billions of light years away are they?
Shining brightly
Before the darkness.

kibou ni tsuite
boku wa katarou
na mo naki shijin no you ni (you ni)
atsuku (atsuku)
kimi ga namida ni
kureteiru nara
nagusame yori mo
yagate (yagate) shiramu (shiramu)
sora o katarou ka?

I’ll talk about,
My hopes and dreams,
With passion like
A nameless poet.
If you feel lost,
In your tears,
Instead of comforting you,
I’ll tell you of
The brightening sky.

ai o sagashite mo
sugu ni (sugu ni) mitsukaranai yo
jibun no hou kara
dareka (dareka) ai shitemiru nda

Even if I search for love,
I won’t find it any time soon.
In my own way,
I want to try and love someone.

konna hiroi sekai
unmei ni michibikarete
tatta hitotsu dake no
hikari o mita

In such a wide world,
I’m guided by fate,
The only light
That I could see.

kibou ni tsuite
boku wa katarou
toshioita suifu no you ni (you ni)
fukaku (fukaku)
kimi ga nanika ni
kizutsuita nara
teate suru yori
noboru (noboru) asahi (asahi)
boku wa yubisasou

I’ll talk about
My hopes and dreams,
With the depth
Of an old sailor.
If you feel hurt
By something,
Instead of tending to your wounds,
I’ll point out
To the rising sun.

hito wa daremo minna
akiramete raku ni naru yo
dakedo yume wa itsumo
se o mukenai

Each and every one of you
Is comforted by giving up.
But you’ll never
Turn your back on your dreams.

kibou ni tsuite
boku wa katarou
na mo naki shijin no you ni (you ni)
atsuku (atsuku)
kimi ga kotae ni
mayotteru nara
tachidomarazu ni
aruki (aruki) nagara (nagara)
kibou ni tsuite
boku wa katarou
na mo naki senshi no you ni (you ni)
itsuka (itsuka)
yume o kate ni shite…

I’ll talk about
My hopes and dreams,
With the passion like
A nameless poet.
If you ever lose your way
To the answer,
Keep walking,
don’t stop.
I’ll talk about
My hopes and wishes,
Living off my dreams
Like a nameless warrior.

She Is Not a Tsundere…She Is a Horrible Person.



Siblings, Kyousuke and Kirino Kousaka, don’t get along. They haven’t for years. Then one day Kyousuke discovers his sister’s secret: She is a closet otaku. She loves anime, manga, and eroge video games. She seems to have a special thing for “little sisiter” games. And for the first time in years this brother and sister begin to talk.

On the surface it seems like a harmless premise and it is mostly a harmless show. An older brother protecting his “perfect” little sister’s reputation (she’s popular, a model, and athlete) by helping her indulge in her hobby and being someone she can finally talk about it to. And the show is this….

But Kirino is a horrible person, not a tsundere, just a horrible person.

She shows the world this:


But she is this to her brother:


Sadly, Kyousuke is a pushover. He helps his sister with her hobby. He helps her find friends outside of her school that share her interests.

But what does he get? Her acting increasingly horrible over time.


And don’t even get me started on the creepy incest themes of season 2.

However I liked the first season. I didn’t much like Kirino. I liked Kyousuke ad the supporting characters. I liked the art work. And I definitely liked the theme song:

It can be an enjoyable show to watch. I would stop at season 1.

Attention Parents: Sexual innuendo, adult themes, and incestuous relationship (season 2). You have been warned.

The show may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but not every show is

Anime Milwaukee: Days 2 & 3


I gave a small report in a tired haze Friday evening. Hopefully this should be a little more coherent.

We slept in and ate breakfast in our room. I have discovered over time that bringing your own food saves money, time, and you can eat healthier. Do it. It is a good idea.


If you are a light sleeper, this con may be hard for you. All the rooms go around the perimeter of a large open space that goes up from the second floor to the eighteenth floor and it echos. You can expect to hear people having fun until about 4:30 in the morning both nights. For us, it was not a problem.

My son put on his Kululu cosplay and we wandered out for the day.

We first hit The Maid Cafe at the top of the hotel that is put on by Hoshi No Yume Maid Cafe group in Milwaukee. It is an okay event. I think it is best if you go during one of their designated dance times for more entertainment. Otherwise it is just good service for some coffee or tea and some desert items.

On our way back, we ran into a staff member in the elevator with a badge that said “manager”. I remarked to him that it must be a really busy job. He said it was and that he was working on 4 hours of sleep. He then asked if my son was entered in the cosplay competition. I told him we hadn’t even considered it. He said if we were interested to go and sign up on the second floor. So I asked my son if he wanted to. He was unsure, but decided to try it. We signed him up and he was pre-judged and entered into the “chibi” category. We were told to make our way to ballroom D by 4:30 for instructions for the competition. So we wandered off to find things to do for the rest of the day.


We went to the dealers room to see our favorite Joker again.

After that we went to see voice actress Leah Clark’s panel: “Leah Clark Calls Your Friends”. Leah Clark  known for her roles as Blair in Soul Eater, Fuyuki in Sgt. Frog, and Jiji in Princess Jellyfish, just to name a few. This is a panel where Leah prank calls the audience’s friends. I had some fun and had her prank call my older son who couldn’t come to the convention, in the voice of Fuyuki. He didn’t pick up so Leah left a pretty funny message on his voice-mail. He was both thrilled and annoyed with me, but if you can’t have some fun at your child’s expense what fun is parenting?

We then headed over to watch “Cosplay Combat Chess”. Where cosplayers have volunteered to be live chess pieces in a  narrated chess match. Once a piece is taken, the cosplayers take the stage and perform a mock battle. The whole thing is pretty entertaining.

After that we ran into a few more characters before going to the competition.

IMG_3441 Kill-la-Kill-Satsuki-KiryuinIMG_3443 tumblr_n1cwg3HGhL1rlwvamo1_1280IMG_3446  kill-la-kill-01-09

Kill La Kill

IMG_3444 384Rayquaza_Dream



Steins Gate


The Mad Hatter and Cheshire Cat


A Lolita




Big Hero Six


My Little Pony

The Pre-show prep began at 4:30 pm for the cosplay competition. This consisted mostly of where to walk, how long to stay on stage, and where to sit. And then it was time to wait, and wait, and wait some more. The upside is we were able to talk with a bunch of the cosplayers and see some amazing costumes (sadly I didn’t take pictures then). My son got a lot of great feedback and encouragement from the other entrants (who were all older than him).

The doors opened for seating around 6 pm and the event finally began around 7 pm. My son was the first to take the stage. He was the only entrant in the “chibi” category. He took the stage and the audience “awwwed” and cheered loudly. The event featured beginning and advanced walk-ons, beginning and advanced group walk-ons, and skits. The whole show ended by 9 pm. My son, being the only entrant, won his category. He was pretty happy and had a lot of fun.

IMG_3462 IMG_3463

The first picture was him accepting his award and the second was right before the visiting cosplay judge, Mandy Moore (aka AmazonMandy), gave him a hug.

It was a long day. It was a good day. We left, got dinner, and went to bed.

Sunday was a short and quiet day. We got up late, packed up the car, and checked out of the hotel. After that, we went to see the Taiko drummers perform.

IMG_3473 IMG_3471

We checked out a panel on Key Animation and Clannad for a little bit. Hit the Merch room one last time and headed home.

IMG_3475 IMG_3477 IMG_3468

A few final thoughts. This experience of a convention was very different this time from previous conventions. I cosplayed as well as “Kensei Ma” from “Kenichi- The Mightiest Disciple” (I never got a picture of myself, for myself oddly enough). Along with this and my son dressed as Kululu we became part of the spectacle that is a convention. One of my favorite moments was my son’s first picture that was taken of him on Friday night. A woman in a black, full body suit, saw him and freaked out. She was going: “Oh my god, Oh my god! Kululu is my favorite all time character! Can I have your picture? Can I have a hug? No? Just a handshake. I don’t want to freak you out. This is too awesome!” My son was stunned and a little amused. People loved his costume and he got a lot of pictures taken (I got a few as well). He loved  it. It made him part of a larger, weird community. Everyone was pretty cool with him and I think that is one of the great things about these conventions: acceptance. People love that you are a fan of something that they might be a fan of and that don’t care too much about how you’re expressing it, just that you are expressing it. Sure, there might be some negative people there as well, but it was overall very positive.

Next stop: Anime Central in Chicago, in May.

Anime Milwaukee: Day 1

Myself and son 11 got to the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin around 10 a.m. and the cosplayers were already in full effect.

After checking in, registering, and lugging all of our stuff up to our room we got dressed and headed out to the wild Con.

We checked out the Merch room, the Manga library, and the table top game room (my son played me in a game of magic while we talked to a nice college student who was about to move to our hometown for college). We also got in line and waited for autographs. My son wowed voice actors Joel McDonald and J. Michael Tatum with his Kululu costume (they were seriously happy).


My son got a lot of attention and it is still just day 1 of the Con.

A Few Characters We Saw on Day 1

World-Conquest-Zvezda-Plot-Kate IMG_3434

Kate from World Conquest Zvezdsa Plot (she told me she had just got there so her costume wasn’t complete)

IMG_3433download (10)

Mirai Kuriyama from Beyond the Boundary.

IMG_3437download (11)

Kurisu Makise from Steins Gate.

images (4).IMG_3436

Sailor Moon of couurse.

IMG_3431adventure-time-characters-adventure-time-with-finn-and-jake-33214025-1500-971Adventure Time!

IMG_3430download (14)A mini  Lucy from Fairy Tail.IMG_3428puella_magi_madoka_magica-930x544Kyubey from Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She did ask for my soul…

IMG_3426images (5)

Ken Kaneki from TokyoGhoul.

This is just from Friday at Anime Milwaukee and there are so many pictures I didn’t take. A convention is an interesting experience, try one if you haven’t. I will post more later.

Note: I was very tired while doing this post.


What My 11 Year Old Watches Part 1

Part of my main purpose of starting this blog was to not only express a few thoughts as an anime fan, but to also provide parents with a few tools before they let their child watch a show. Rather than try to rate a show by age or other guideline I decided to just list a few things that parents may (or may not) find offensive so they can make their own decision.  Everyone’s sensibilities are different.

Today I decided to list some of what my 11 year old watches. This is not a suggestion for you, but just what I have (rightly or wrongly)  let him watch.

The long form shows

download (8) download (9)

Naruto and Fairy Tail. I am not a fan of long, ongoing shows myself (I am too impatient, I like my stories wrapped up), but he likes them. Aside from some fighting, one may object to some skimpy clothing in Fairy Tail, but these shows are largely fine.

Still Airing


Sailor Moon Crystal. The reboot of the classic Sailor Moon anime which is supposed to more closely follow the original manga. He kind of resisted watching this at first, but when he finally did, he really got into it. There is very little that is objectionable here.

The Most Objectionable on this list

Sword Art Online. One could argue that there are some dark themes and violence, but I don’t think any permanent damage will be dealt upon his psyche. Plus he will have a better idea of what to do if trapped in a immersive video game than non-anime viewers.

The Best Comedy


Sgt. Frog. Good god is this show funny! The English dub is what I am referring to as well. The original, Japanese show contained a lot of topical and pop culture references, so when it was dubbed by Funimation they re-worked it for an American audience. This is one show where the dub is better.  There are a few off color jokes, but no worse than you’d see on The Simpsons or Bob’s Burgers. Watch this show. It is too fun!

It Had Tanks


Girls und Panzer. It has cute girls driving tanks. What is not to like for an 11 year old boy? Nothing really objectionable in this show.

The Biggest Surprise

images (3)

AKB0048. Pop idol group fighting to bring their music to entertainment restricted planets using the power of hope and mechas. A flimsy premise, but enjoyable nonetheless. It was a way to further promote Japanese pop idol group, AKB48, but as long as you accepted that fact it was fun enough. My son really got into it. Singing the songs, dancing along. It surprised me how much he liked it. It is a largely harmless show. The only thing that irked me, which shows up in many school based anime as well, was the obsession around body image and dieting. I know this is a reflection Japanese culture, but I know esteem around weight and body image can be a real problem for many people. Keep that in mind. And if you watch it with your kid, have conversations around this subject if it is a concern for you.

These are a few of the shows he’s watched and enjoyed. There are more, there will always be more.

Why Babymetal??? Because. That is all.


I admit it. I like Babymetal. It is not all that surprising: I like metal. I like j-pop. Why not like the combination of these two things.

Babymetal formed as an offshoot of the female idol group, Sakura Gakuin. The producer, “Kobametal”, wanted a way to feature Suzuka Nakamoto’s (Su-metal) vocals and thus came the idea for Babymetal. With two back up singers/ dancers Moametal and Yuimetal to provide contrast along with an extremely talented backing band you now have this powerhouse of j-pop vocals over brutal technical metal.

images (2)

And it has worked….

But can they win over metal fans? I would say: to some degree: Yes! They played (successfully at Sonisphere without getting booed or laughed out of the place.


They have met some of metal’s biggest acts (admittedly they had no idea who they were meeting half of the time).

Babymetal-and-ChthonicWith Taiwanese Death Metal band: Chthonic

babymetal5They recently collaborated with Power Metal band: Dragonforce.

download (7)They met the “nice old men” , Thrash Metal giants: Slayer.

BrylJm3IUAAE4HK As well as another of the “Big Four”: Anthrax.

Oddly (or not) enough they also have toured with Lady Gaga.

Does this have anything to do with anime? No, not really. But I do believe that if AKB48 could have an anime based off of them, so could Babymetal. I somehow envision them fighting demons with the power of metal and j-pop. To whoever develops this idea into a show: you’re welcome.

Listen to Babymetal, love Babymetal. Head-bang and dance. Enjoy, because life is too short to take things to seriously all of the time.

They’re All Lesbians Dad…Accept The Yuri


At least that is what my 15 year old son said to me…

Puella Magi Madoka Magica was the first “magical girl” anime that I had ever watched. I am glad I did as it remains as one of my favorites.

I was not very familiar with “magical girl” anime, but was aware that it was a sub-genre at the very least.

I had started to watch it once because it was put out by Shaft (also responsible for Bakemonogatari, Mekakucity Actors, and Nisekoi) and I was a fan of their work. I got put off at first during the first episode thinking: “Oh this is going to be too cutesy for me.” So I set it aside.

Several months later I was looking for something to watch while I was folding laundry and thought I’d give it another try. By the third episode I was hooked and my perception was changed (all who have watched the series know why).


I am not going to say much about the story line except that is about some middle school girls who become magical girls to fight witches. This maybe a dull description, but the show is anything but dull.

The art direction is great and a real joy to watch(complete with Shaft head tilts).


It also features some great music from Claris and Kalafina.

But is it Yuri??? Maybe, I don’t know or care really. If there were middle school girls in love, it wasn’t illicit or exploitative. I know a lot of fans will say it is (and perhaps the 3rd movie Rebellion sheds some light on this) and that is fine. My son, who is gay, perhaps sees (rightly or wrongly) a relationship that I overlook or downplay. And I think this is good, that he sees something that positively reinforces his worldview.

I highly recommend Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Beautiful art, great story, good music, and Shaft head tilts. What more could one ask for? This is a show I definitely return to.

Attention Parents: There are some dark themes and a few deaths. Also, get through the show a little before getting your kid the cute Kyubey plushie. Just trust me on this.


And remember …..


And the award for the best use of cabbages goes to…..


The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

I watched this little gem a while back and loved it. It is a school based romantic comedy. The story mostly revolves around Sorata Kanda who is wishing to change his life by first getting out of Sakurasou Hall, a dormitory for the outcasts at his school. Sorata landed there when he refused to give up a stray cat he had adopted.

His life ends up more complicated when a new student, Mashiro Shiina, starts living at Sakurasou. Mashiro, while a brilliant artist, is largely helpless and disconnected from reality from being sheltered her whole life. Sorata ends up on “Mashiro duty”. Caring for her and making sure she navigates through the world.


Even getting all her clothes on can be a challenge.

The supporting cast of other residents make the the show a pleasure to watch. The shut in computer programmer, the seemingly irresponsible teacher, and the insanely gregarious anime artist all made it a fun show.

The animation is decent, so no complaints there. The pacing is a little slow in the second season, but I forgave that over all.

Sakurasou E2 2-620x

Attention Parents: There is sexual humor, bra and underwear shots, and general sexual innuendo. Do what you will.

Overall the show is a sweet rom-com with a good sense of humor. I liked it and hope you enjoy it as well.

It also has a bizarrely addictive OP.

And the full version (because I LOVE IT).

And the award for the best use of cabbages goes to….Kamiigusa Misaki!