dadwatchesanime Is Nominated For A Liebster Award

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A big thanks to Hannah from RABUJOI ( for nominating dadwatchesanime for a Liebster award! It is cool to have my little blog seen by people and I appreciate the recognition (since I am very new to blogging and don’t know what I’m doing). So thank you very much and thanks to those who read my little page.

So here is my answers and info.

Hannah’s Questions:

1. What was the first anime you ever watched?

The first anime I ever watched was back in the 90’s: Ghost in the Shell.

2. Did that first anime, or did that require watching more shows?

I tried other shows from our local video store at the time, but couldn’t get into them. It wasn’t until 2 years ago I was looking for something to watch on my Kindle one day and I started watching Clannad. That did it for me and I entered into the world of anime.

3. What is your favorite food?

Hard to say. I like Indian, Thai, Japanese, and Chinese quite a bit. I also like American BBQ.

4. Who is your favorite character designer?

Not sure how to answer that, or if my knowledge is that deep. I like a lot that is put out by Shaft Animation though.

5. If so inclined, what character would you have the least trouble cosplaying?

I could easiest do Yuugo Tennouji (aka “Mr. Braun”) from “Steins Gate” since I am bald and in my 40’s as well. However I did just cosplay as Kensei Ma from “Kenichi -The Mightiest Disciple” at Anime Milwaukee this February.

6. What is one sin an anime could commit that would make you turn your back on it?

Not sure. Sexual abuse of children is pretty hard to stomach, or any abuse for that matter. Depending how the material is presented makes a difference. I tend to like to watch a show for amusement and/ or a good story. If it creeps me out or makes me feel too discomforted I will probably drop it.

7. Who are your top 5 (or 10) characters, regardless of gender?

Okabe Rintarou

Mayumi Nishikino

Alex Louis Armstrong

Olivier Mira Armstrong


The Narrator: Sgt Frog- Funimation dub (that counts doesn’t it?)

Kensei Ma

Hitagi Senjougahara

Shinobu Oshino

Koyomi Araragi

Tomoko Kuroki

8. Assuming they’d do a good job (not at all a certainty), which anime would you most like to see made into a Hollywood film?

Hmmm…Maybe Watamote?

9. Which anime character do you identify most with, if any?

Tomoko from Watamote. I remember what it was like to feel socially awkward when I was younger.

10. What is your favorite beverage—alcoholic or otherwise?

I don’t really drink much alcohol. I do need my coffee. Locally roasted preferred. I am somewhat of a coffee snob.

11. Which anime do you wish got a sequel, that never did (or hasn’t yet)?

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior

11 Random Facts About Me

1. I have a Masters Degree but don’t currently use it.

2. I practiced Wing Chun Kung Fu for 8 years, but am currently taking a break.

3. I am one of the few people I know that doesn’t watch and enjoy The Walking Dead.

4. I don’t particularly care for beer.

5. I love to read, but don’t lately because the hours I work make me too tired to stay awake while reading.

6. I am an avid cook. I always like to try to find new things to make to get an idea about how a different country’s cuisine  works.

7. I have competed in a BBQ contest and lost.

8. I used to see Disney’s Fantasia every year in the theater when I was a kid.

9. I have a love for a bunch of British television shows.

10. My first rock concert was Billy Idol on the Rebel Yell tour.

11. I don’t like jam bands.

My 5 Nominees

I am relatively new to this so I don’t know a ton of people. If you have already been nominated or have over  1000 followers, my apologies. (Anime Vios)

Liebster Award Rules:

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My questions for the nominees:

1. What are your top 3 animes?

2. Which anime(s) has made you cry the most?

3. Which anime that you wHaere looking forward to disappointed you the most?

4. What character have you despised most? Why?

5. Your top 10 favorite characters?

6. Your favorite OP or ED?

7. What do you watch aside from anime?

8. What upcoming shows are you looking forward to?

9. How did you get into anime?

10. Have you attended any anime conventions?

11. How do your family or peers feel about your anime viewing?

Thank you again to Hannah at RABUJOI for the nomination!


I saw that miharussi at Anime Vios ( ) also had nominated me for this award. So I will answer her questions as well. 🙂

1. Has there been a seiyuu/voice actor that you really dislike? Why (not)?

Not in particular. Where I have problem with voice actors is if I have started  watching a show in Japanese and then switch to the english dub part way through. That always throws me. I do, however, think the voice actors for the english dub of Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple are better.

2. What are some of your least favorite genres? Or at least, genres that you tend to avoid?

I don’t actively avoid a genre per say. I don’t tend to watch much ecchi focused stuff or horror. I also haven’t watched much Mecha (recommendations?).

3. Do you read manga? Has there been an instance when a scene/chapter has moved you that you couldn’t help but cry?

I have only read very little manga (some Nisekoi and Kawai Complex), so nothing that would’ve made me cry…Though there was a very sweet part in Nisekoi with Chitoge’s mother.

4. What do you think is a romantic deed (e.g. confession, kiss, hug, etc) in any romance anime? Why?

Not sure how to answer this. I guess it depends on the context of an act to make it romantic in my opinion.

5. Do you have keep a MAL account? Follow up questions: [5.a.] If you do, show off your MALgraph awards (anime and/or manga, whichever is fine with you) by posting a screencap. Which award do you wish to level up next and why [5.b.] If you don’t have a MAL, do you have a profile on any other anime listing service? Why prefer that over MAL? (Or why not keep any at all?)

I do not have a MAL account. Maybe someday.

6. Do you keep or wish to keep a pet/s? Describe your bonding moments.

We have an American Eskimo dog named Gonzo (for the muppet). He is a sweet, hyperactive dog. He loves it when I pick him up and let him lay on my lap to get his belly, neck, and ears scratched.

7. In which of the 16 personalities (Myers-Briggs typology) do you classify? (Click here if you haven’t taken a test.) Do you agree with the result?

The Entertainer….I don’t know about that. In some situations perhaps.

8. Whatcha say?

“She’s built like a steakhouse, but handles like a bistro.” – Zapp Brannigan

9. How did you come up with your username? Do you use other usernames in other sites?

It is a combination of where I live and my job.

10. What do you do to unwind?

Watch anime, exercise, I used to do martial arts, cook, laugh, spend time doing something fun with my boys.

11. Do you hate these questions? Was this reward too troublesome for you?

Not at all.