About Hope



Why should you watch this show? Hmmmm…. That depends on you.

Do you like singing, idol groups?

AKB0048_Ep13_Nagisa no Cherry1

Do you like training sequences?


Do you like fight scenes?


Then this anime has it all for you.

As stated in an earlier post: this is one of my 11 year old son’s favorite shows. This surprised me frankly. I had started watching it out of curiosity and honestly still haven’t finished the second season.

It’s premise is pretty absurd and was mostly a vehicle to promote popular Japanese Idol group AKB48 I’m sure (since the voice actors were members of AKB48 and some of the other iterations of  it).

The premise is this: It is the future. Many planets have banned entertainment. Guerrilla music group, AKB0048, risk life and limb to bring their performances to their fans across the galaxy where entertainment is banned with the help of flying singing platforms, mecha suits, lasers, and light saber like microphones. Perhaps I exaggerate a  little, but not much.

The story follows several new hopefuls who want to join this idol group to spread music, love, and hope through the universe.

It follows them as they train.


As they (or their seniors) perform.


And as they fight.


And it is that is what makes it appealing. It is cute. It is simple mindless entertainment. Music, dancing, fighting, and general silliness. It is also, while corny as hell, talking about following, and fighting for, your dreams. And who can argue with that?

If you are looking for a high minded, revolutionary, cutting edge anime: this isn’t it. But that’s okay. If you go in with low expectations to watch a mindless, cute, entertaining show: then I think you’ll like it.

Attention Parents: There really isn’t much objectionable in this show. There is some mild fan service where the girls are getting pictures taken of them in bathing suits, but that is most of it. It also has that obsession with body image that you start to hear in anime the more you watch it.

Mostly I like the show because it was: “About Hope”.

Kibou Ni Tsuite : About Hope

Original / Romaji Lyrics English Translation
sono te nobashite mo
ima wa (ima wa) todokanai yo
bokutachi no yume wa
motto (motto) tooku ni aru nda

I reach out this hand of mine,
But I can’t reach it right now.
Our dream is still
Far away.

yozora no hoshi datte
nan’okukounen no kanata
kurayami no saki ni
kagayaku mono

The stars in the night sky,
How many billions of light years away are they?
Shining brightly
Before the darkness.

kibou ni tsuite
boku wa katarou
na mo naki shijin no you ni (you ni)
atsuku (atsuku)
kimi ga namida ni
kureteiru nara
nagusame yori mo
yagate (yagate) shiramu (shiramu)
sora o katarou ka?

I’ll talk about,
My hopes and dreams,
With passion like
A nameless poet.
If you feel lost,
In your tears,
Instead of comforting you,
I’ll tell you of
The brightening sky.

ai o sagashite mo
sugu ni (sugu ni) mitsukaranai yo
jibun no hou kara
dareka (dareka) ai shitemiru nda

Even if I search for love,
I won’t find it any time soon.
In my own way,
I want to try and love someone.

konna hiroi sekai
unmei ni michibikarete
tatta hitotsu dake no
hikari o mita

In such a wide world,
I’m guided by fate,
The only light
That I could see.

kibou ni tsuite
boku wa katarou
toshioita suifu no you ni (you ni)
fukaku (fukaku)
kimi ga nanika ni
kizutsuita nara
teate suru yori
noboru (noboru) asahi (asahi)
boku wa yubisasou

I’ll talk about
My hopes and dreams,
With the depth
Of an old sailor.
If you feel hurt
By something,
Instead of tending to your wounds,
I’ll point out
To the rising sun.

hito wa daremo minna
akiramete raku ni naru yo
dakedo yume wa itsumo
se o mukenai

Each and every one of you
Is comforted by giving up.
But you’ll never
Turn your back on your dreams.

kibou ni tsuite
boku wa katarou
na mo naki shijin no you ni (you ni)
atsuku (atsuku)
kimi ga kotae ni
mayotteru nara
tachidomarazu ni
aruki (aruki) nagara (nagara)
kibou ni tsuite
boku wa katarou
na mo naki senshi no you ni (you ni)
itsuka (itsuka)
yume o kate ni shite…

I’ll talk about
My hopes and dreams,
With the passion like
A nameless poet.
If you ever lose your way
To the answer,
Keep walking,
don’t stop.
I’ll talk about
My hopes and wishes,
Living off my dreams
Like a nameless warrior.

She Is Not a Tsundere…She Is a Horrible Person.



Siblings, Kyousuke and Kirino Kousaka, don’t get along. They haven’t for years. Then one day Kyousuke discovers his sister’s secret: She is a closet otaku. She loves anime, manga, and eroge video games. She seems to have a special thing for “little sisiter” games. And for the first time in years this brother and sister begin to talk.

On the surface it seems like a harmless premise and it is mostly a harmless show. An older brother protecting his “perfect” little sister’s reputation (she’s popular, a model, and athlete) by helping her indulge in her hobby and being someone she can finally talk about it to. And the show is this….

But Kirino is a horrible person, not a tsundere, just a horrible person.

She shows the world this:


But she is this to her brother:


Sadly, Kyousuke is a pushover. He helps his sister with her hobby. He helps her find friends outside of her school that share her interests.

But what does he get? Her acting increasingly horrible over time.


And don’t even get me started on the creepy incest themes of season 2.

However I liked the first season. I didn’t much like Kirino. I liked Kyousuke ad the supporting characters. I liked the art work. And I definitely liked the theme song:


It can be an enjoyable show to watch. I would stop at season 1.

Attention Parents: Sexual innuendo, adult themes, and incestuous relationship (season 2). You have been warned.

The show may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but not every show is