She Is Not a Tsundere…She Is a Horrible Person.



Siblings, Kyousuke and Kirino Kousaka, don’t get along. They haven’t for years. Then one day Kyousuke discovers his sister’s secret: She is a closet otaku. She loves anime, manga, and eroge video games. She seems to have a special thing for “little sisiter” games. And for the first time in years this brother and sister begin to talk.

On the surface it seems like a harmless premise and it is mostly a harmless show. An older brother protecting his “perfect” little sister’s reputation (she’s popular, a model, and athlete) by helping her indulge in her hobby and being someone she can finally talk about it to. And the show is this….

But Kirino is a horrible person, not a tsundere, just a horrible person.

She shows the world this:


But she is this to her brother:


Sadly, Kyousuke is a pushover. He helps his sister with her hobby. He helps her find friends outside of her school that share her interests.

But what does he get? Her acting increasingly horrible over time.


And don’t even get me started on the creepy incest themes of season 2.

However I liked the first season. I didn’t much like Kirino. I liked Kyousuke ad the supporting characters. I liked the art work. And I definitely liked the theme song:

It can be an enjoyable show to watch. I would stop at season 1.

Attention Parents: Sexual innuendo, adult themes, and incestuous relationship (season 2). You have been warned.

The show may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but not every show is

5 thoughts on “She Is Not a Tsundere…She Is a Horrible Person.

  1. The Otaku Judge February 21, 2015 / 12:14 pm

    Sadly I know a lot of people who are two faced like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • madreceiver February 27, 2015 / 2:35 pm

      The OP is definitely worthwhile. 🙂 The first season wasn’t bad. I just wish they’d stopped there…


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