30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 9

Best Anime Villain


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For anyone who has read my blog is this really a surprise?

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Kyubey, from Puella Magi Madoka Magica is my favorite villain far a few reasons. The first being that I don’t tend to watch a lot of shows with villains (I watch a lot of slice of life). The other being: Kyubey is a real bastard in the way the a corporate CEO or the devil is.

Kyubey offers an amazing deal to people (specifically, young teen girls) but will omit the details purposely to avoid sticky questions later. He chooses young girls not only for the emotional power benefits he’ll reap later, but also because critical decision making is not at their height at this age. When Madoka stalls, he pushes her often with statements like:”You could help them if you agree to become a magical girl”. He is knowingly manipulating her emotions to get her  commit.

When confronted with the magical girls horror and disillusionment of what has happened to them, he feigns innocence and rationalization.


Making a contract with Kyubey is very much like signing a contract with the devil: you may get what you want initially but eventually you’ll have to pay and it’s all laid out in the fine print (which no one ever reads).

That is why Kyubey is my favorite villain. Soulless, cute, psychotically logical.

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Until next time: Happy viewing!