30 Days of Anime- Day 12

Saddest Anime Scene



It is a tie for me, and should be obvious what anime my choice(s) will come from.

I couldn’t choose just one.

Both are from Clannad After Story.

Both destroyed me emotionally.

 People who have read my blog before may already know that this was the first anime that I really sat down and watched with my two boys. As we watched this, all those years ago, we all sobbed. As a parent I could only imagine (and feared) the pain that Tomoya was going through (as well as the pain Ushio was experiencing) and having children of my own made the impact of these scenes all the greater for me. These are both very powerful scenes for me. They are very sad, but also very beautifully done.

The show still remains very special to me today.

 And yes, I sat here crying as I watched these clips for this post.

Until next time: Happy *sniff* viewing! I need to go get some tissues…