30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 13

Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

Sorry…I don’t just have one.

As with most things in life we have multiple aspects to who we are. Since anime characters tend to show you limited view of a character due to it being a story that cannot cover all aspects of a person, I have chosen a couple to represent me.

Image result for mr braun steins gate

Yuugo Tennouji: aka “Mr Braun”

 I’m a dad with a shaved head and similar facial hair. I’m a hard working guy who can seem grumpy if you don’t know me, but ultimately am a caring guy who cares for his kids deeply.

 Image result for akio furukawa

Akio Furukawa

Another dad. However, Akio has a “kid at heart” side to him that I can relate to who likes to sneak off to play and isn’t above bantering, joking, and playing tricks on his family.

Hiroshi Nohara

Related image

The dad on Crayon Shin Chan. When I’ve had a long week, I feel like the tired version of him. He’s a nice guy and good family man, but sometimes just wishes for some peace.

 If I gave it more thought I’m sure I could find more, but that’s enough for today.

 Until next time: Happy viewing!

30 Days of Anime- Day 12

Saddest Anime Scene



It is a tie for me, and should be obvious what anime my choice(s) will come from.

I couldn’t choose just one.

Both are from Clannad After Story.

Both destroyed me emotionally.

 People who have read my blog before may already know that this was the first anime that I really sat down and watched with my two boys. As we watched this, all those years ago, we all sobbed. As a parent I could only imagine (and feared) the pain that Tomoya was going through (as well as the pain Ushio was experiencing) and having children of my own made the impact of these scenes all the greater for me. These are both very powerful scenes for me. They are very sad, but also very beautifully done.

The show still remains very special to me today.

 And yes, I sat here crying as I watched these clips for this post.

Until next time: Happy *sniff* viewing! I need to go get some tissues…

30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 1

Very First Anime You Watched


Image result for clannad anime

But this is not entirely true…Let me explain.

I was a fan of animation throughout a lot of my life and in the 90s I did watch a very scant amount of anime but never got into it because it was always at the rental store and was super hit or miss. So I got discouraged throwing money at titles I didn’t like and gave up.

 Fast forward 15 or so years. I now have children. They are starting to get into anime themselves. Dragonball, Naruto and the like. I still didn’t watch it with them.

 It wasn’t until I got a Kindle Fire that I had more own little way to watch shows for myself (after years of watching what the kids watched). I was browsing through my Amazon Prime video app that I came across Clannad.

 I thought: “Why not?”

Image result for clannad anime long uphill climb

It caught my attention.

But it was strange. It was slowly paced. The storytelling was different to what I was used to. It grabbed me in a quiet controlled way. It made me cry.

 Image result for clannad kotomi gif

I started to watch it with my boys. By the time we finished Clannad- After Story we were all sobbing emotional wrecks. It is something I shared with my boys and something I continue to share with them to this day: anime.

 Clannad was my gateway into becoming an anime fan and holds a special place in my heart. I have watched, and enjoyed, both the subbed and dubbed versions. Have met a few of the English voice actors for the show and last year got to see a panel by Key (the animation studio responsible for the VN and show).

 I recently just purchased the Visual Novel on Steam: more feels, more fun.

I usually re-watch it once a year.

 Still to this day I still get a bit emotional listening to the music from the show.


 So I consider this my first anime.

Watch it if you haven’t. It’s a treat.

Until next time: Happy viewing!