30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 26

Best Anime Fight

Reigen vs. Claw

Image result for reigen vs claw

I love this fight scene because of it’s bemused, matter-of-fact nature. Reigen has come to get his student back (Mob) from the Claw organization and is thrust into the middle of an epic battle. Mob finally gives in to trust Reigen and lets go of feeling like he has to be the person to fight. As a result of Mob’s decision, Mob transfers his power,unknowingly, to Reigen. Reigen (with new found power) walks around in a confident manner, deflecting everyone in Claw’s attacks with ease and mild amusement. By the end of the fight he ends up chiding Claw and telling them to grow up. This was a brilliant scene and probably my favorite fight.

Until next time: Happy viewing!

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