30 Day Anime Challenge- Day 19

Most Epic Scene Ever


I am not a good person to answer this. There are tons of epic scenes in shonen style of shows, but I don’t watch those much. I suppose I should choose something from Kill La Kill or Mob Psycho 300. I won’t, even though it may be more accurate in a depiction of “epic-ness”. Instead, as much of the challenge is based on personal preferences, I will choose one that sticks out for me.

It is from Nekomonogatari. Basically it is “Shinobu to the rescue”. I love this scene. You get a small glimpse into Shinobu’s power even now that she is a shadow of her former glory, bound to Araragi, living in his shadow (literally).

This scene always sticks with me. I love it. Shinobu is such a little vampire bad-ass!

I know, another Monogatari related choice….

Until next time: Happy Viewing!

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