30 Days of Anime- Day 16

Anime With The Best Animation

As a fan of animation in general this is hard for me to answer. Different studios and different stories bring different styles. All have something to bring to the table, so defining something as “best” is a subjective matter even to me.

One may argue that some of the more styles that highlight background realism as best and they’d have a point. I did love the animation of   Kyoto Animation’s “Sound! Euphonium”. It was well done and often quite beautiful.

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In contrast an older show like “Serial Experiments Lain” while not as detailed, has a beauty that came out of well thought out direction to make a visually striking impression on the viewer.

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There is so much to love in the visuals in anime, so it is hard for me to narrow it down. However, two stand out for me (I’m sure some of you could guess).

The Monogatari series (along with other Shaft titles) do it for me. I love their style of visuals.

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  The other series that contains my favorite visuals, although it is not my favorite show (don’t get me wrong, I like it), is Soul Eater.

   Something about the dark, Halloween-esque, cartoon-ish visuals that just appeal to me. I really love the look of the show.

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I so love the visuals on this show! I have considered getting the sun and moon as tattoos I like it so much.

So…Best? So much is good, why a best? You like what you like. Each person has their own criteria of what they find aesthetically pleasing. These were a few of mine.

Until next time: Happy viewing!

The Reality of Me


Serial Experiments Lain

After a discussion with a parent of my son’s friend, I was given what he considers to be a great, albeit confounding and complex, show: Serial Experiments Lain. He said he’s watched it about 7 times and is just starting to feel like he’s getting it.

A 13 episode show that originally ran in 1998 is a visual treat to watch, but don’t expect a light anime: this is some deep stuff folks.

The story revolves around Lain Iwakura, an adolescent girl living in Japan. It begins after a series of emails had been sent out post mortem by a classmate of Lain’s who had committed suicide.The emails stated that she was not really dead, but merely had abandoned her body and was now living in the “Wired” (what would be the internet today). Lain gets one of these email as well and off the story goes into a complex web of notions (and discussions) around religion, consciousness, technology, identity, and any number of things one could wrap into this. images (8)

Deep? Yes.

It is a show that is hard to describe and I tend to not enjoy giving the entire synopsis’s of shows anyway. If you like something that is going to challenge you mentally: give it a try.

Like I said in the beginning: the show is visually striking. Since it is a little older some of the character designs may be clunkier than you are used to.


But the art direction and backgrounds are very appealing.


images (9)

Attention Parents: There is some graphic death scenes that may be disturbing to younger viewers. Also the subject matter would probably be boring for a young audience. This is really aimed for a late teen to adult viewer.

I liked this show. It had a lot going for it, but it deserves multiple views to really get into the meat of it. Cyberpunk, religion, conspiracy, philosophy: it has got all of this and it gives you much to think about. Not that you will necessarily make sense of it.


Just enjoy it and don’t get too wrapped up into it….Like Lain.