Looking At Fall 2015 Anime

Well a new season is a couple of weeks in. A few shows look promising to me, but many are up in the air in my mind. Here’s looking at what I’ve watched so far.

screen-shot-2015-09-05-at-3.09.01-pm.png (1)

Peeping Life TV:

A series of comedy shorts using characters like Black Jack, Astro Boy, and Yatterman. It is done with motion capture computer animation. The show has potential to be funny, but I find the animation distracting and the comedy may be more referential at times that would leave me scratching my head. Probably will drop.

It at least has a decent OP.


Mr. Osomatsu:

Or Osomatsu-kun. Follows sextuplets originally from a gag anime from the 1960s trying to now adapt and find work in the modern day. Animation is okay. It can be amusing at times. I will keep an eye on this one.


Attack on Titan: Junior High

A parody of Attack on Titan set in a middle school setting. It uses a lot of source material for it’s inspiration. The first couple of episodes were amusing enough, but time will tell if the gags wear thin. Time will tell.


Lovely Muco (Itoshi no Muco):

A short form anime following a Akita dog (Muco) and her glass blower owner (Komatsu-san). It is simply a cute little show. Nothing too special, but amusing enough. I will keep watching, my 12 year old likes it.


Comet Lucifer:

A boy (Sougo Amagi), who hunts for crystals accidentally finds a young girl in a cave. There are Mechs, a young girl who knows nothing about the world (there’s your Moe stuff), and government intrigue. The animation is good and the story has been decent enough to keep my attention in the first two episodes.

Pretty decent OP:


The Asterisk War:

A battling, magic, high school show. Good animation. The first episode I was unsure, but the second was interesting enough to keep me watching. So far I find the student council president’s character to be the most interesting of the bunch.


Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kame:

A guy with amnesia gets saved by a girl with animal ears and a tail. I don’t know where the show will go, but it has kept me interested up through the second episode. Really nice animation, likable characters, and potential for a good story.

Check out the visual style in the OP:


Beautiful Bones- Sakurako’s Investigation: 

Sakurako Kujo loves beautiful bones. Along with her friend, Shotaro Tatewaki, they look for bones and often find human remains. Sakurako is a osteologist with a background in forensics (due to her uncle who was a professor in criminal forensics). She has a singular love of bones and the story they tell. I like this show a bunch and hope it keeps up with good writing. The animation is quite good. Definite keeper for me.



Ahhh… Another installment from the Monogatari series from Shaft. I love it! I love the storytelling, the animation, the soundtrack. A definite highlight of the season for me.

A nice OP as well:

Well, that’s it for now. Happy viewing everyone!

One thought on “Looking At Fall 2015 Anime

  1. The Otaku Judge October 21, 2015 / 6:32 pm

    Yay, more Monogatari. Beautiful Bones sound like an interesting show.

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