The Drama of Goblin Killing

Grimagar Of Fantasy And Ash.

Based off a light novel, the story follows a bunch of people who awaken in a RPG like world without any real knowledge of how they got there or where they came from.

All they know is that they need to earn money and to do this you become recruits in a volunteer army and kill monsters.

The show focuses on their day to day life and how they learn to work and grow together as a fighting party. It is very reminiscent of guild game play in an MMO.

The story is good, but often feels slow paced. The character design is good, but nothing outstanding. The background art is what truly stood out for me in this show. It has a very watercolor style feel to it and is quite pretty to look at.

If you are a fan of fantasy and monster killing shows it could go either way about whether you’d like it or not. There is some good action without a doubt, but much of that is overshadowed by the pacing that seems slow at times largely because it is narrated though the main character’s, Haruhiro’s, thoughts.

I watched the English dub and found it to be quite good.

Attention Parents: Grimgar is violent. There is blood and killing, albeit monster’s blood and deaths, but it is there nonetheless if that is a concern. There is a little fan service, but it isn’t overbearing.

Give Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash a look. While not my favorite of the season, it was an entertaining and interesting watch with some real beautiful animation.

Until next time: Happy Viewing!


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