What Happens In Dimension W, Stays In Dimension W


I found the dub of this show on Funimation. It is enjoyable, although not what I’d call a perfect show by any means.

Set in the future, humanity has found another dimension (which they obviously refer to as Dimension W) and they have found a way to harness limitless energy using an invention called “coils”.

The story follows Kyouma Mabuchi, an ex-military special ops soldier, who now shuns this new technology and hunts illegal coils for money. On a job, he encounters an android, Mira Yurizaki, who happened to be the android to the father of the coil technology. And from there the story develops.

Overall, it’s an enjoyable ride. I did find the finer details towards the end dealing with what Dimension W actually is, and what happened to the protagonist there in the past, a little convoluted and found myself hoping for more (and clearer) explanations. Also, another reviewer pointed out the fight scenes with Mabuchi throwing his darts with the wires attached could get a bit perplexing (where were those long wires??!!).

I liked the animation style overall. It was well done.

What I did find irritating (and this is a “me” thing) was the fan service with Yurizaki. It wasn’t extreme, and I know they do it so all the young otakus will buy her figurine later, but I found it pointless and distracting.


I know, I know…It’s just what you find in anime, but it’s not always necessary.

I watched the dub of this, and it was very good.  Christopher Sabat voiced Mabuchi and Jad Saxton voiced Yurizaki. The complete dub is available on Funimation’s streaming service.

Attention Parents: Overall the show isn’t too bad. There is some violence, but not excessive or bloody in particular. The fan service is mostly a half naked Yurizaki, which isn’t horrible, but I found it distracting and annoying more than anything. It does have a few disturbing ideas towards the end of what happened to survivors of an experiment gone wrong that might not be good for a young viewer.

Aside from some minor points, I enjoyed this show. The story is interesting, characters enjoyable, and the voice acting and animation were well done. A good watch over all.

Until next time, Happy viewing!

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