My Older Son’s “Reason For Living” This Season


Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

What can I say about this show…It was fun, a great concept, well enough animated, some not as great episodes, but I think it probably achieved what it set out to do well enough. To make a goofy, not too serious send up of the magical girl genre.

I first came across this show on RocketNews24 and had to show my son (15). He was so excited for it and after it came out, this show has been the one that I know I could always talk to him about since he rarely missed it.

The show revolves around 5 friends(Yumoto Hakone, En Yufuin, Atsushi Kinugawa, Io Naruko and Ryuu Zaou), students at Binan High School, who are members of  The Earth Defense Club (which just seems to be an excuse to hang out and not really do anything). Off school hours they frequent a bathhouse run by one of the member’s (Yumoto) brother. There, they are approached by a pink, talking, wombat like creature who wants them to become “Battlelovers”. To use the power of love to save the world. They are not really too interested in this offer. But once Wom-san (talking wombat alien guy) gets them to put on the “Loveracelets” the die is cast, and with these they can transform when ever evil, anger, or discord needs to be conquered with the power of love. Ridiculous? Yes. But it doesn’t really pretend not to be.



But where does evil come from? Other pretty boys of course…Specifically, The Student Council.


They can transform as well.


And they have an evil alien counterpart to the Battlelover’s Wom-san… An Evil Green Hedgehog! Who, with his needles,shoots other students who are having troubles or emotional problems, thus transforming them into havoc wreaking monsters the Battlelovers will have to fight.


And every club has to have an advisor… Why not a dead teacher that is being kept alive by the alien controlling it?

binan2 (1)-620x

What else to love? Well, if you were my son, you’d love all the yaoi overtones.

images (7)



But what is mostly to love, is the friendships between the guys on the show. Their conversations and comfort level with each other as long time friends is what makes for some good comedy and enjoyable viewing.

Attention Parents: Aside from the BL suggestiveness there is not too much that is objectionable. If that doesn’t bother you (it didn’t for me) then that is they worst of it. Oh yeah..There is a little incidental nudity in the bath house. Is it bad, not really. Watch it and decide for yourself if you are concerned.

And always remember about the power of  what in your life?


Sparkles all around to my readers!


Winter 2015 Season: What I’m Watching

A new season of shows have started and a new bunch for me to check out as a fan and as a dad to see whether I’ll let my 11 year old watch any of them.

assassinationanime1Assassination Classroom

A bunch of students have been charged with killing their teacher (who is this tentacled balloon looking guy) in order to keep him from destroying earth. Is it bad for younger kids? Too early to tell. There is violence (shooting guns), but it is not graphic violence yet. Looks like it could be a fun show.

download (2)Death Parade

People have to play various sadistic games of chance in order to determine their fates. After episode 1….Yeaaahhh….I’m not going to let my 11 year old watch that one. Adult themes, some graphic images, probably will get worse from here. I am going to continue watching, one of the darker shows for me this season.


Based off of an online browser game, Kancolle is a bunch of girls who possess the spirits of Japanese warships and they fight the threat of the deep sea fleet. It is a little goofy in concept, but mindless fun. So far it seems largely harmless for younger viewers.

download (1)Rolling Girls

Ten year after “The Great Tokyo War” and prefectures in Japan have split off into independent nations. Four girls travel between nations on motorcycles to mediate and settle disputes between clans and nations. So far, nothing to offensive. time will tell. Seems to be an interesting premise.

3aaa3baddc080fe539a25b577a7fca651420758243_fullGourmet Girl Graffiti

A middle school girl who has a knack for cooking making friends through her love of food. There is a slight eroticism when the girl eats. Is this enough to make it inaccessible for younger viewers? Maybe, maybe not… I will watch it, I love to cook!

downloadCute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!

My (and my 15 year olds) most anticipated show of the season. Magical bishounen boys and a talking pink wombat-like creature. A definite send up of the magical girl genre with some nods to Sailor Moon. So far nothing has been to objectionable. A really funny show! Give it a try.

What are you watching?