A Word About Goblins

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Goblin Slayer

  I decided to write a brief post that will mostly be a “duh” to many anime viewers.

I am three episodes in. I don’t really have a deep opinion on the show…it’s kind of what it is: A lot of Goblin slaying.

I had heard some buzz around it before the season started, but knew nothing about it really. When the first episode came out I asked my 14 year old if he wanted to watch it.

We sat down and gave it a look. My son’s reaction by the end of the episode: “Well, that just happened! Damn…I was not expecting all of that!”

Neither was I. I wasn’t upset or anything. I just was not expecting what went down.

After I got that the content of the show was going to be on the explicit side of the spectrum, I watched some more. Is it a good show? I don’t know. Kind of a standard adventurer, Lord of the Rings-esque, DnD like sort of fantasy. I will see where it goes. I neither love, nor hate the show at this point.

However to my main purpose: parents….this isn’t an innocent show. It’s not SAO. It’s a sometimes brutal and fan-service-y show.

Attention Parents: There is gore, brutal killings, rape, some nudity, and fan service in this show. Keep this in mind when your kids ask about this one.

I will probably keep watching it to see where it goes.

Until Next Time: Happy Viewing!


2 thoughts on “A Word About Goblins

  1. The Otaku Judge October 30, 2018 / 6:26 am

    The first episode had content some people will find objectionable. After that it seems to have become a standard fantasy show. I think putting a disclaimer before the start of each instalment is a good idea.

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    • madreceiver October 30, 2018 / 10:15 pm

      I would agree. There is still a bit of blood and some fan service but it’;s not to the shock level of the first episode.
      I get why they did it. One, to create buzz and establish the type of show. Two, to establish: Goblins are bad and this is why the protagonist kills them.
      I would agree that the disclaimer is a good idea.

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