My Son the Youtaite

Some followers of this blog may know that my son is active in the Youtaite community here in the U.S. and has his own You Tube channel.

What is a Youtaite?

“The word “Youtaite” is a fusion of the words “Youtube”, referring to the website, and “Utaite”, which is a term used to call cover singers and is used particularly in Nico Nico Douga. Youtaites are people who upload song covers, usually Vocaloid songs, Japanese songs and/or songs translated from Japanese, on Youtube.”

His most recent upload was his (T.V. size) English version of the “Yuri on Ice” ED: “You Only Live Once”.

I think he did a good job, thus this post. He said it was auto-tuned a lot, but still likes the end product and so do I.



I will get to posting more again soon.

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