As Relaxing As It Gets.


Flying Witch

One of the highlights of the Spring season for me was this casually paced slice of life.

The show follows Makoto (a young witch)  who has just recently moved Aomori to live with some relatives and finish her training. Much of what follows in the show consists of her daily life, spending time with her relatives, and making friends. The witchcraft is ever present in the show, but presented in a mostly low-key manner.

One of the high points of this show for me was the animation. It was consistently excellent and stunningly beautiful at times.


The show was mostly as “slice of life” as it gets. It is a quiet, slow (but appropriately so) paced, quiet show. And this kind of seemingly understated pace is powerful in it’s own way. I found it to be immensely enjoyable.

The characters are developed easily and well done. They are all likable and not a collection of poor anime tropes.

I really enjoyed the show. It was beautiful, quiet, and casually paced.


Attention Parents: There is really nothing objectionable in this show unless you are morally opposed to witches or magic, but if that is the case you may want to re-consider watching anime as a hobby.

Until next time: Happy viewing!

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