Son Hacks Dad’s Blog: THE SECOND COMING

Alright, so I’m bored and have my dad’s laptop again yayy! I haven’t posted stuff on here since the first time back in June, sooo yeah. I’m gonna explain some things about the youtaite community that I meant to in my original post, so read that and come back to this!

Son Hacks Dad’s Blog Pt 1: Utaite/Youtaite – Basic Cover Stuff, I Guess

Alright, now that you’re caught up, I’ll explain a huge part of the Youtaite lifestyle;

Er, what was that? I meant to say; “Chorus Battles” hahaha oh wait there’s no difference.


Let me explain;

Chorus battles are organized by a group of youtaites, who are normally fairly experienced, so they can judge entries. But what are these entries, you ask?

To enter in a chorus battle, you have to first register yourself with a group. The group must have at least 4 roles fulfilled:

  1. Vocalists: In most CBs, 2 or 3 is the minimum amount, with the maximum usually ranging from 4-10. All are singers, and are graded on vocal technique and tone.
  2. Mixers: Someone who can take all the vocalists’ dry vocals and mix them to sound more blended, in tune, etc.
  3. Artists (N/A to all CBs): Draws art of their group members’s youtaite personas, normally only for the singers.
  4. Animators (N/A to all CBs): Animates a video using the art drawn by the artist, relating it to the song, the scripting of vocalists, etc.

Most CBs give about a month or more for all the groups to work on their entries. They also normally have a theme for each round, and your group has to write an interpretation of the theme, relating it to the song choice.

Once entries are submitted and graded by the judges, the elimination process starts.

All CBs work differently, but generally larger CBs will cut about one half of all the groups in the first round, and then either cut more or less in the next (depending on the CB). Most go to round 3 or 4, ending afterwards.

Why did I call it masochistic? Because chorus battles are super stressful (especially for animators). Everyone’s rushing to fit within the deadlines, and when things aren’t going as planned, and it’s only a few hours before the deadline to submit entries, people start freaking out (I can tell you this from personal experience).

So, why do we do it? It’s fun. Though stressful, it’s super rewarding to see the project you worked so hard on finally get its spotlight on YouTube (or wherever else you upload it to avoid bullshit YT copyright).

Until recently, I’d never gotten past round 1 of a chorus battle. A lot of them ended with drama or lack of preparation (which made the final product not so good). But now, I have a very solid group I’m in, all of us work together well, and actually render our video on time (more or less).

I’ll leave a link to our R2 entry in case anyone’s interested;

We haven’t heard back from the judges yet, and though I believe we have a solid entry, it’s hard to know if we’ll advance to R3. Since this particular CB is a Battle Royale, teams were pooled into groups of 3 or 4 for round 2, with only one team advancing to round 3. Round 1 had 2 teams going at it 1-1. We were pooled with one of the top groups from round 1, and their round 2 entry was really solid as well, so it’s anyone’s guess who advances haha.

Anyways, I hope this was interesting, I didn’t really have any pics so I know I’d get bored with this post, but if you’re still reading, good for you and also why.

~ Glace (the 16-year-old son)

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