New Concert Coming Up

While I mostly post about anime, I do share other things I’m loving at times. And what I’m most excited for right now is an upcoming concert.



 I have missed these guys several times as they have passed near me, but not this time. I, and my boys, will be checking them out.
Give them a listen if you haven’t heard them before.





I honestly think the videos are kinda cheesy, but the songs are awesome.

Where Did I GO???


It’s been about a month since my last post. Truth be told, I’ve been having a hard time of thinking about what I want to write about lately.

I still am watching anime. Some on my own, some with my boys. We have resumed our watching of Steins; Gate after a long hiatus and I will probably post some thoughts about that later. This season doesn’t have me hooked on anything with two exceptions: Ojisan and Marshmallow  and Erased. 

So bear with me through the doldrums of the year and I’ll be back as time permits and as I’m more inspired.

Until then, I’ll go poke some jello…