Bro, Do You Even Anime?


I write this not to my anime viewing friends and associates, but to others who have never bothered watching anime. Maybe you thought it was for kids, too weird, had to many tentacles. I wasn’t always a fan, but became one after I gave it another look. So, now I will post shows, every now and then, that I think the non-anime viewer may like if they give it a chance.

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Often at the top of lists of must watch anime, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood (and make sure you watch Brotherhood) has a lot going for it. It has steam punk elements mixed with a sci fi/ fantasy story line. There is humor, drama, and excellent storytelling. The world, along with the characters that inhabit it is interesting and rich (and some of the most kick ass female characters that you will see anywhere). If you like fantasy, magic, and adventure storytelling you will probably enjoy this show.


I will say that you do need to stay with it past the first season, which has it’s good points, but is not as strong as the following ones. However, the first season does have a great OP.

Start there. Watch a new genre in the new year.

Happy Viewing!

Lets All Get Excited and Build a Robot!


Robotics; Notes

Adapted from a 2012 visual novel released on PlayStation 3, X-box 360, and PlayStation Vita (2014), Robotics; Notes occupies the same universe as Chaos; Head and Steins; Gate.

Set nine years later than the events in Steins; Gate, Robotics; Notes follows two main protagonist’s story lines. Akiho, who is trying to live up to her sister’s legacy and build a giant robot in the Central Tanegashima High School’s Robot Research Club. And her childhood friend, Kaito who has no interests in building a robot or much else besides playing a robot fighting video game.


Kaito one day stumbles across an Artificial Intelligence named Airi that he can only observe through an App on his phone. Through Airi he uncovers a series of reports that have far reaching consequences for the world.

I can really say I enjoyed Robotics; Notes thoroughly. Yes, as some have noted, it is not as well put together as Steins; Gate and is a little muddled in the plot at points, but overall I felt it was an enjoyable show to watch. The characters are fun…you even have a shut in, Otaku type…


And then there is the animation, which is very well done.


Overall it was a fun series to watch. There is a dub of it, which seemed fine, but I had come into it in the last 2 episodes and that never works since you are already accustomed to hearing the voices one way.

Attention Parents: There is not too much to object to. The exception is some slightly lewd comments from  Furugoori Kona, but many of those may fly over kid’s heads anyways.

I recommend the show for a fun bit of sci-fi in the same realm as Steins;Gate.

Happy Viewing!

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