Watching Steins Gate With My Son: Episode 2

AKA: The “but he’s a guy.” episode.

We got to episode 2 sooner than I had expected. I am in the middle of moving and so I didn’t think this was going to be an option for a couple of weeks.

However, the move went fast and my couch and t.v. was already set up so my boys both decided that they wanted to spend the night. After watching episode 4 of the new Nisekoi season I popped on the blu ray of Steins Gate. First, I have to say: I watched Steins Gate the first time through Hulu on my Kindle Fire which was fine, but watching it on a big screen with a blu ray= Awesome!

This episode Okabe has found that Makise is not dead and goes to her lecture at the university. Her lecture establishes a couple of things well: She is smart, smarter than Okabe, she is a bit of a smart ass, and that Okabe doesn’t like having his delusions challenged.


Episode 2 also serves as a vehicle to introduce most all of the other characters. Yuugo Tennouji , owner of the CRT repair shop and Okabe’s landlord, was already introduced in episode 1. He, Yuugo,goes on to hire 18 year old, Suzuha Amane as a part time worker in the repair shop. Okabe runs into Moeka Kiryu on the street after she takes a photo of him with her phone. Okabe also goes to visit Mayuri at her part time job at the maid cafe and we are introduced to Faris Nyannyan (Rumiho Akiha) who is part owner and the most popular maid there (who is very good at indulging Okabe’s delusions). And lastly we are introduced to Ruka Urushibara, a friend of Mayuri’s that generates this wonderful scene:

This might be the only thing people would find objectionable in this episode, but even that is pushing it.

Overall the episode went over well and I didn’t cringe at any moments. The draw back to watching with both boys is the inevitable sibling rivalry and personality differences that crop up. My younger son has a habit of interjecting what he thinks is going to happen next. While I tell him to just watch, his brother is not as patient yelling:”Shut up! No one wants to hear your commentary!” ….Brothers.

Until next time: El Psy Congroo!



Nyan, nyan, nyan….


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