Cyber Bullying – Ignoring Is Bliss

I’ll pass this along. It is a subject that needs addressing.

Zyrogate Faine

Cyber bullying. One might say it is a rite of passage, which everyone goes through.


Dear Cyber-Bully,

Let us start with you, a.k.a. the coward who hides behind the monitor and throw darts at the person you dislike. Whoever you are, you will most likely not look up the actual person in real life, and tell him/her “You Suck” in the face, even if he/she really do suck that badly.

Instead, you send these simple messages with a direct intention to lower their self-esteem. In a sense, it is a form of self-indulgence where you simply want to bring others down and make yourself feel superior than them.

Kyoukai no Kanata
kyoukai no kanata 3

But here’s the cold hard truth: When you press that “Send” button, you are actually admitting defeat, admitting that they are so much better than you, that you have to resort to such criticism to make yourself ‘feel’ superior. So in actuality, you are the loser!…

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