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Chuunibyou (中二病) is a derrogative colloquial term in the Japanese language used to describe a person which manifests delusional behavior, particularly thinking that one has special powers that no other person has. Originally a term used to pertain to children in the second year of middle school who act like adults, the term eventually evolved into a term generally used to describe delusional behavior in general. (From

Ahhh..To be young and delusional. The story begins with Yuuta Togashi who is starting his first year of high school trying to distance himself from his embarrassing past. Yuuta was a chuunibyou in middle school. He called himself “The Dark Flame Master” believed himself to have supernatural powers. He wants no part of this past anymore, but  this proves difficult when he meets Rikka Takanashi.


Rikka is a girl in his class that has not let go of her delusions and is still in the throes of being chuunibyou. Yuuta, despite finding Rikka’s behavior an embarrassing reminder of his past, befriends Rikka and helps her with various things. As the story progresses you learn more about Rikka and her past.

This is just a brief introduction to the plot. What I found appealing about this show beyond this was the idea of fantasy and imagination as both a tool for escape and self preservation.

As I think on my own life (and of people I have known) I think of how one uses fantasy to escape the daily stresses and troubling parts of life. I have used art, music, or literature as a place to find refuge. Music will allow me to feel and live in an emotional place like no other. Books have let me experience new w orlds and leave behind this one for a while. Anime also allows me to retreat into a story with the added dimension of the art of animation.

Is a fantasy world a better place to be than in misery when faced with uncomfortable truths that you are not ready to face? I guess that is a question that this show asks and answers quite gracefully.


Overall this is a very cute, well written show. The animation is good and the characters are enjoyable.

Attention Parents: There is very little that is objectionable in this show. Some mild sexual suggestiveness, but barely worth mentioning.

This is largely a review of the first season. The second season wasn’t didn’t do it for me as much, but it is definitely watchable.

The first season also ended beautifully (Warning: Spoilers):

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